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Welcome to the magical world of the rainbow children ... a world of joy and celebration, where children have time to breathe, play, move, dance, relax, sing and soak up positive messages which enable them to flow through life's challenges with ease.

Our mission is to light up children's lives with a rainbow of dance, yoga, music, therapeutic stories and songs; inspiring creativity and resourcing the new generation of children to become all they can be.
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The book rainbow children® ~ magical moving stories offers captivating, nurturing stories with ideas for simple, playful movement, creative play, music, song and relaxation activities. It is the perfect resource for any parent or teacher; offering all of the tools to deliver story times and creative play sessions imbued with hope, inspiration and celebration that help children develop their personal resources, build self-confidence and self-esteem, encourage emotional wellbeing and discover freedom in self-expression.
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Join the Rainbow Revolution! ~ If you would like to share this precious gift, offering classes and birthday parties, there are many learning and training opportunities available...
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Please do keep in contact ~ all feedback, suggestions and questions are most welcome. You can also sign up for the inspiring rainbow children newsletter, a fabulous resource for parents, teachers and all those who connect with children (or their inner child!). You can also connect via facebook

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This book of eight delightfully illustrated stories with movement, dance, yoga and song is now available, the book is a treasure trove for parents and those who work with children
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